Israeli paper says India solved bomb case but kept mum to help Iran

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Indian journalists may not have much faith in the country’s investigative agencies, but in the proganda war for regime change in Iran, at least some Israeli ones do.

According to the Indian Express, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz has quoted an unnamed Israeli security official as saying that India has already solved the mystery of the recent assassination attempt on an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi, but Indian officials are keeping quiet to avoid angering Iran.

Naturally, India’s Ministry of External Affairs issued an official denial, saying that there was not a shred of truth in the article — from the claim that India’s notoriously slow investigative agencies had solved the case to the assertion that Indian sleuths had been sent to Tblisi and Bangkok to gather information.

A word to the wise: There are unnamed sources, and then there are unnamed sources. This guy doesn’t exactly sound like Deep Throat, either. He’s just planting a story, as Israel’s official response implies:

‘Asked about the report, Israeli Ambassador in New Delhi Alon Ushpiz said he was “not aware” of the details outlined in the article but expressed “full confidence” in the Indian agencies probing the incident,’ writes the Express. ‘“We are grateful for their assistance and appreciative of our cooperation. We have no doubt that justice will be done,” he said.’

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