Indonesia: murder-for-hire blogs?


Looking to pay for murder in Indonesia?

Do you prefer your hitmen reckless and prone to running their yaps on the Internet?

You might be tempted by, the personal blog of a self-professed "professional assassin." (Here's a version run through Google Translate.)

As the Jakarta Post reports, the site is among several (well, at least two) online blogs that advertise murder-for-hire services. Police tell the newspaper that more exist.

The Blogspot assassin not only takes orders but offers firsthand vignettes about his kills, such as this hit at a crowded nightclub: "I put the poison in his drink and watched him from (a) proper distance … should he die, no one would think he died from poison – people might only think he had overdosed."

According to the Jakarta Globe, police are pursuing the creators of these murder-for-hire blogs. The clues may very well lead them to a Jakarta Internet cafe full of imaginative 12-year-olds.

UPDATE: Looks like the Blogpost assassin's site is now down as well.

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