Gay rights site deemed “pornography” and blocked in Indonesia


Even the filthiest minds would have trouble interpreting the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission's Web site as pornography.

But that's the determination of Indonesia's government, which has blocked the site, according to the New York-based non-profit.

The commission says this order has been passed down from the Muslim-majority country's Communication and Information Technology Ministry to Internet service providers. 

Worth noting: the ministry that blocked the site is run by the same official who publicly vowed to abstain from shaking Michelle Obama's hand in 2010 to assert his religious piety.

It's hard to imagine what censors found so obscene about the site, which is about as salacious as a U.N. quarterly report.

Was it the photo of a Turkish feminist speaking at a conference? 

The press release on the commission's gala awards ceremony?

The executive director's account of his "deeply introspective strategic planning process"?

I've scanned most of the site and I can't find so much as a condom usage tutorial. 

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