An extremely optimistic take on investing in Burma

The World

Famous investor and author Jim Rogers has issued a resounding endorsement for investors seeking riches in Burma, the troubled nation on the rise officially titled Myanmar.

"If I could put all of my money into Myanmar, I would,” said Rogers, according to this Bloomberg report.

His rationale?

“It’s right between China and India, 60 million people, massive natural resources, agriculture … they have metals, they have energy, they have everything.”

Burma also has more than 10 armed ethnic groups laying claim to much of the terrain that sustains all that agriculture and contains all those natural resources. And not all of them are keen on government-blessed foreign mega-projects.

Rogers, a former Fox News regular, is well known for his book "A Bull in China: Investing Profitably in the World's Greatest Market."

Is a "A Bull in Myanmar" soon to follow?

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