Catholic bishops still oppose Obama birth control rule, despite change

Catholic bishops said they will continue to fight President Barack Obama’s birth control rule, despite the change made on Friday, which the administration hoped would accommodate the church, Reuters reported.

On Friday, Obama released a compromise to the birth control law, which requires all employers, including religious organizations, to provide full coverage for contraception. The change stated that insurers were now responsible for offering the coverage.

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After the announcement was made, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement saying the modification didn’t go far enough to protect religious liberty, The New York Times reported.

Bishops said bishops said the proposal "continues to involve needless government intrusion in the internal governance of religious institutions, and to threaten government coercion of religious people and groups to violate their most deeply held convictions,” Reuters reported.

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"In a nation dedicated to religious liberty as its first and founding principle, we should not be limited to negotiating within these parameters," the bishops said in a lengthy statement, The Hill reported. "The only complete solution to this religious liberty problem is for HHS [the Health and Human Services Department] to rescind the mandate of these objectionable services."

The Conference has led opposition against Obama’s controversial contraception rule. Initially the Catholic bishops said on Friday when the change was announced that it was “a step in the right direction,” but needed to study it further, The Times reported.

Catholic bishops have called on lawmakers to rescind the birth control law, The Hill reported.

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