Lillian Rizzo

Samoa says goodbye to Friday


Traveling through space and time this week, Samoans will skip Friday, pushing the international dateline east, and joining Australia and New Zealand’s time zones.

US sells F-15s to Saudi Arabia, worth $30 billion


Two French NATO soldiers gunned down in Afghanistan


Immigration, abortion, alcohol: New laws in 2012


New York City Muslims boycott breakfast with Mayor Bloomberg


Cyclone Thane hits India’s southeast coast

Cyclone Thane brought severe winds, uprooted trees and ripped up roads in southeast India.

China: Alleged smuggling kingpin Lai Changxing ‘confesses’

Lai Changxing, leader of one of China’s biggest smuggling rings, ‘confessed’ on Friday.

US considers Taliban commander transfer back to Afghanistan


US officials are contemplating the transfer of Mohammed Fazl, a senior commander of the Taliban, to Afghanistan, in hopes of paving the way to peace talks.

Syria: Protesters clash with troops during Arab League’s stay


Despite the Arab League’s presence, Syrian troops reportedly fired into crowds of thousands of protesters.

Eastern Ohio hit with 4.0-magnitude earthquake

Eastern Ohio, outside of Youngstown, felt a 4.0-magnitude earthquake, its strong all year.