Canadian teens educated by “Adventures in Sex City II”

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Attention sex-curious teens in Canada:

In the first video game launched by Canadian health officials to educate you about the risks of unsafe sexual practices, the character known as the Sperminator fired sperm from his penis-shaped arms at the token virgin character known as Wonder Vag.

Well, now there's this good news kids: A forthcoming sequel gets into even more intense plotlines, Canadian website 24H reports.

Wonder Vag, for example, gets kidnapped by her evil twin sister, Bloody Mary, and is put in a cage at a bar where she'll be forced to drink alcohol unless somebody rescues her.

Luckily, the new and improved Sperminator is back, cured of his sexually transmitted illness.

Although "Adventurs in Sex City" sounds like a script Charlie Sheen could have written, it’s actually meant to be educational for the teenage market.

How so, you ask?

When Wonder Vag is placed in a cage, videogame players are asked questions related to sexual health and risky behavior resulting from the use of alcohol and drugs. If they answer enough questions correctly, Wonder Vag is freed and Bloody Mary falls in a drunken stupor and vomits.

One can only speculate what happens if players don’t answer enough questions correctly. 

We'll have to wait to find out. 

While the original will be kept available at, the sequel will officially launch Feb. 14, during Sexual Awareness Week.

Who said learning was dull, eh?

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