Brazilian bikini, the plus-size collection, hits the beach

Cancel your Copocabana beach vacation now. Apparently, not everyone in Brazil looks like Gisele Bundchen.

At least that’s what Brazilian swim suit manufacturers have discovered.

That’s why their new collections are increasingly targeted not at the way Victoria’s Secret catalogs present the “girls from Ipanema”, but to real Brazilian women. Namely those with a bit more “junk in the trunk” than your average supermodel, the AP reports.

This, needless to say, presents a bit of a challenge. 

Let’s start by saying there is a good reason why Brazilian bikini wax is necessary when wearing Brazilian bikini. That’s because swimsuits in Brazil are famous for their utter lack of coverage. And they look different on a size-16 woman than they do on a size-2 woman Victoria’s Secret model.

For example, a size 14 swimsuit can no longer keep in place only by a combination of a couple strings and sheer willpower. It must use a bit more fabric than your typical dental floss-style thong.

Still, Brazilian manufacturers are proud they have managed to come up with a plus-size collection significantly more audacious than the standard US “mumu cover” style bathing suits.

You can see the models of one such manufacturer, Lehona, here. Please note — and if you a female, rejoice — contrary to the popular belief, Brazilian women do actually have cellulite, too.

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