A rock band from Kabul wants to jam with Metallica

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Afghanistan’s first rock band, Kabul Dreams, prepares to meet Metallica in San Francisco

Afghanistan’s first rock band, Kabul Dreams, prepares to meet Metallica in San Francisco


Which American heavy metal band is one of the biggest, most influential in the Middle East and Afghanistan? Yup, Metallica. 

And the band's popularity in the region plays a big role in a new feature film called "Radio Dreams."

In it, the members of Metallica are urged to jam with Afghanistan's first rock band, Kabul Dreams, at a radio station in San Francisco. 

Again, just to be clear, "Radio Dreams" is not a documentary. It's a fictional film.

Not to give the ending away and say whether or not Metallica actually shows up, but the film's producer, Marjaneh Moghimi, says: "We had the easiest time with the managers and the agents of Metallica."

Especially, the band's drummer, Lars Ulrich. "He was just so gracious ... he knew all about Kabul Dreams' music."

Mohammade Talani is one of the stars in the film. He also has musical chops and is a member of the Iranian band, Kiosk. Talani says he first heard Metallica from a friend of his who handed him a tape.

He theorizes why many musicians in the Middle East are attracted to heavy metal.

"It's full of screams and young people of Iran are full of screams and I was one of them," he says.

What he was screaming about: "Life."

Moghimi admits she's never been a lifelong fan of Metallica, but she likes the music and listens to it. Also, she's clearly aware of the band's influence in the Middle East.

"We thought it would be very cool to have the first rock band of Afghanistan," she says, "play with the ultimate rock band of the world."

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