Five Things You Had to See Online This Week

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This week in "Thanks, Internet" ---the top (instrumental) hits of the past 50 years, illustrations of the dreamy dwellersbetweenbuildings,a Sizzler promotional video straight outta '91, a puppet jams to Rush, and get ready to turn it down for... this week's best mash-up.

1.Keep it Instrumental

What do the Harlem Shake, Star Wars, Hawaii Five-0 and Barry White have in common? Instrumental musicthat has made it to the top of the Billboard charts. It doesn't happen very often, but the good people at Medium made a (play)list of all the notable instances over the last five decades for us.

2.The Space Between Buildings

French illustrator Thomas Lamadieutravels the world reimagining what lives between buildings, leaving those of us who live in light-polluted cities in a state of awestruck wonder. Take us with you, Lamadieu!

3.Sizzler is the One

This week, Esquire unearthed a truly surreal Sizzler promotional video from 1991. The restaurantwas rebranding and enlisted hairspray, baseball, lip-licking, extra-marital affairs, and a sailor to help. You must watch to believe.

4.A Puppet Plays Rush

Love or hate Rush, Neil Peart is a brilliant drummer. And now we have a brilliant puppeteer paying tribute for proof. Watch and marvel as a Mini Peartplays the real thing's unmistakable beat from Rush's calling card, "Tom Sawyer."

5. We Can Finally Turn Down for a Thousand Miles

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