Pharrell's Sweet Tears, X-Files Tweet-union and More

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Welcome to "Thanks, Internet" -- a weekly feature in which we share the five best things we saw on the internet over the past seven days.

The internet took a minute to recover from a cameo-heavy Coachella and a classy Nirvana reunion this week, but recover it did. Pharrell Williams managed to have the festival's most cameo-heavy setand play a major role in the recovery, though Oprah may be to thank for the latter.

1. Oprah makes Pharrell cry

You don't often see dudes in big blue-green hats sobbing, but that wasn't what made the moment. In the cry heard round the world, Pharrell broke down during an interview on Oprah Prime after she screened footage of fan-made music videos for his irrepressible hit, "Happy." "Why am I crying on Oprah?" he asked as he wiped his eyes. That the pop star with the longest winning-streak in recent memory is still so genuinely touched by his fans' tribute, well, that would make even Tommy Lee Jones crack a smile. Oprah gets it. We all get it.

2. Hyperrealism in Pencil

Shania McDonagh's

Anyone can post a "Happy" music video. In the category of Things You Can Never Hope to Accomplish, a 16-year-old from Irelanddrew this portrait with a pencil.

3. Nothing's Better than Ezra

At this point, the four members of Vampire Weekendwould appear to have more side projects than the Wu-Tang Clan. But we're not going to hold it against them because they continue to make wonderful music across the board. The latest collaboration to drop is Chromeo's "Ezra's Interlude" featuring --- you guessed it --- lead Vampire, Ezra Koenig. Listen to the frontman channel Prince and the rest of the 1980s, and remind us to enlist him the next time we need an interlude.

4. Selfie Opportunity

Selfie Opportunity

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity took this captivating selfie. Unlike human selfies, those taken by rovers don't result in think pieces or enraged train conductors kicking people in the head. This isn't the first time Opportunity has struck a pose for itself, but it is the first time we've seen the rover fresh out of a wind shower.

5. The Tweet Is Out There

And while we're on the subject of outer space: Fox Mulder joined Twitter earlier this month. It was actually his alter-ego David Duchovny who signed-up, but the actor sent one of his first tweets as the FBI agent who made him famous this week. Gillian Anderson responded twice, once in Scully's voice, and once in doodle:

Thanks to Jules Henderson and The Nimesh.

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