VIDEO: Third student dies in school shooting in Chardon, Ohio

The town of Chardon, Ohio, is in morning today as residents try to make sense of the most recent school shooting in the United States — one that’s now claimed the lives of three students.

Police have arrested T. J. Lane, 17, as a suspect in the shooting. He’s expected in court Tuesday afternoon to face charges relating to the shooting.

According to The New York Times, Lane wasn’t a student at the school but knew many students there from earlier grades. He is suspected of walking into the school and approaching a table of students he knew and opening fire. Russell King Jr., 17, died early Tuesday morning of gunshot wounds, and Demetrius Hewlin also died Tuesday. Daniel Parmertor, 16, died on Monday.

A School Day in Ohio Brings Shootings, Death

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Three other students remain hospitalized with serious injuries.

Chardon High School was closed Tuesday, as it will be Wednesday. On Thursday, the school will open with grief counselors for students and parents looking for someone to speak with. It will return to something approaching normal on Friday, the school district said.

“I can only imagine what some of these kids are going through,” said Tabitha Johnson, a Chardon resident.

According to the Associated Press, a Chardon High School teacher chased the suspect from the building and he was arrested a short time later near his car.

Ohio Teen Shooter Described as

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No motive has been publicly disclosed, though there has been some discussion that he may have been bullied — a common theme in many school shootings.

“I accept that it’s happened, but it hasn’t hit me yet, the full impact, what it’s going to be after this,” said Harold Norsic, a student at the high school.

Ohio School Shooting Suspect to Appear in Court

US News Video by NewsLook

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