VIDEO: Advanced Israeli drone, capable of reaching Iran, crashes west of Jerusalem

An advanced Israeli drone, one capable of flying roundtrip to Iran and back, crashed in central Israel over the weekend, injuring none but leaving Israeli officials with work to do.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Heron TP, according to a preliminary investigation, crashed after performing a maneuver that exceeded its physical capabilities during a test flight.

The unmanned aerial vehicle is primarily a reconnaissance craft, but can be outfitted with various supplemental payloads, including weapons that could be used in a strike on Iran.

The Heron TP has been in use in Israel since 2010, but was only expected to be declared operationally ready in coming weeks. The Post said this crash could delay that declaration.

The Heron TP is one of the largest drones in Israel’s air force. It has a wingspan of 86 feet and can fly for more than 20 hours without need for refueling.

Israeli Drone Crashes in Gedera

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