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A timeline of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israel-Hamas war

The Middle East has seen decades of unrest, much of it stemming from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The current Israel-Hamas war is the latest outbreak of violence that threatens lasting peace across the region and the globe. The World has compiled a timeline of key events in the conflict.

US President Joe Biden and Israel's Prime Minister Yair Lapid, sign a security pledge at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem

US and Israel sign joint declaration on Iran’s nuclear program during Biden’s visit

A woman in a headscarf looks at the camera as she puts a baby in a stroller

Deportation to Syria could mean death for women, children and LGBTQ refugees in Turkey

A man is shown wearing a salmon-colored collard shirt and sunglasses while holding the reins of a horse.

In Israel’s election, the Arab vote could be pivotal

Soldiers in white tanks on a road

Israeli escalation against Iran is a ‘multilevel’ game

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An image distributed by ISIS militants on social media purports to show the destruction of a Roman-era temple in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra

I’m one of hundreds of archaeologists exiled from Syria who’s mourning what the war is costing us

After the spring of 2011, archaeologists stopped working in Syria. Scientists aren’t uncovering new sites, many of which were destroyed, at the center of the earliest beginnings of human civilization

President Donald Trump holds a chart of military hardware sales as he welcomes Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S. March 20, 2018. 

Trump’s override of Congress on weapons deals ‘is exactly what Iran would want’


US President Donald Trump has overruled Congress in a decision to re-arm Saudi Arabia and the UAE. What may be intended as a warning to Iran could undermine efforts to halt civilian casualties in the Yemen war.

A family portrait with several younger children in the front row and adults in the back row.

Torn apart by the Syrian war, these siblings struggle to stay connected across 6 different countries


Before the war, the close-knit Zydia family never imagined living too far away from each other. Now, the six siblings dream about a reunion one day.

The white gated entrance to the Am'ari camp.

US cuts funds to Palestinian refugees, leaving many without essential services

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“The abolition [of UNRWA] means erasing the existence of the refugee issue. We say to them that we insist on the existence of the agency as long as the issue of refugees is not resolved,” says Taha al-Biss, leader of the al-Amari refugee camp in the West Bank.

Qatar's Minister of Energy Mohammed al-Sada speaks on a panel

Qatar is leaving OPEC. Other countries could follow.

Qatar’s decision to leave the oil cartel comes after Saudi Arabia created a blockade in 2017 and issued a proposal this year to dig a ditch separating the two countries.