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Middle East’s First Female Photo Collective Focuses on Gender

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The first all-women’s Middle Eastern art collective has a touring photography exhibit that puts gender in the foreground. 

A member of Iraqi security forces takes down a Kurdish flag in Dibis on the outskirts of Kirkuk, Iraq, Oct. 17, 2017.

Kurds wonder if they should’ve helped Iraq’s army in Mosul

People walk past signs bearing the name of U.S. President-elect Republican Donald Trump in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 14, 2016.

Israel develops new ties with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states

Abu Radwan and his family converted to Christianity after they fled Syria to Lebanon. He says it's a genuine conversion, though he does say he thinks it might help him get resettled in the West.

Why some Muslim Syrian refugees are converting to Christianity

The Friends of Donald Trump in Lebanon Facebook page gets comments, such as: "Go Mr. President God bless you" and "We need someone like you [in Lebanon] to clean up our country."

Trump fans in Lebanon want to ‘make the Middle East great again’

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An Iraqi police officer uses the device to inspect a car at checkpoint in central Baghdad, Iraq, 2010.

These bomb detectors were proved phony years ago, yet they’re still used in the Middle East


Thousands of fake bomb detectors were marketed and sold in the Middle East. But even though the manufacturers have been jailed for fraud, security guards are still using the phony detectors.

American-born Al Qaeda leader killed in Yemen

Anwar al-Awlaki, one of the most wanted terrorist figures who was responsible for the Times Square car bombing, was killed in Yemen today.

President Obama announces complete withdrawal from Iraq by year’s end

In an address to the media, Obama announced that the U.S. war in Iraq was over and all U.S. forces would be home for the holidays. He did not take questions.

After five years, Gilad Shalit is released by Hamas (with video)

An exchange between Hamas and Israel is underway this morning. Gilad Shalit is back home in Israel and nearly 500 Palestinian prisoners are headed for Gaza, the West Bank or other parts of the Middle East.

U.S. foils Iran’s plot against Saudi ambassador

American officials say they disrupted a major terror plot with a connection to Iran.