US could see a new political party by 2012

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The Iowa Caucus could be replaced by cyberspace as the internet-based movement called Americans Elect seeks to place an alternate presidential ticket on the 2012 ballot across all 50 states. Their process seeks to give the nominating power to the people and circumvent the traditional two-party system.

The non-partisan nominating convention would allow a candidate from any party affiliation to win the organization’s nomination. “Americans Elect is a process where Democrats, Republicans and Independents have come together to create the first online nominating process,” Kahlil Byrd, CEO of Americans Elect, told the Takeaway.

“We know that the American people are very tired of special interests driving the agenda and for the agenda to be driven by the extremes of both the Democratic and Republican parties,” said Byrd. “So what we’re doing is putting the power that’s usually vested to the party, back into the hands of individuals.”

Candidates would be chosen by a set of delegates who present the issues to those intending to run. A candidate would also be required to reach across party lines for a running mate, mimicking the original election process.

Visit Americans Elect webpage.


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