Super Bowl 2012 set to be an epic sequel fit for Hollywood

The Takeaway

This year’s Super Bowl is perhaps best described not as Super Bowl XLVI, but rather simply as The Sequel.

Tom Brady and his New England Patriots matched Eli Manning and the New York Giants in Super Bowl 42, four years ago. Manning came out on top in the game with a 17-14 victory.

But Sunday, the two teams will meet again in a script perhaps only Hollywod could have better put together.

Kristen Meinzer, culture producer for The Takeaway, said when compared to a movie, this game has all the makings of a great sequel. Returning stars and new up-and-comers.

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Takeaway Sports contributor, said in addition to Brady and Manning, the offensive lines are mostly veterans of the last tilt between the two teams.

“The new guys, the new additions that are going to make this game an incredibly different game, are Rob Gronkowski and Victor Cruz, because those guys have been tearing up the field and making it extremely difficult for defenses all season long,” Abdul-Matin said.

Abdul-Matin said the Giants defensive line, which gave the Patriots such struggles in Super Bowl XLII, is essentially the same.

“It has the same kind of fear factor for the Patriots as it had in 2007,” Abdul-Matin said.

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