Yves Saint Laurent pantsuit

The World

This fashion sociologist says Laurent helped put women in trousers. Today the pantsuits has moved from the catwalk to the White House. It seems Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits matter. Don’t let this image of the pantsuits distract you: it’s a garment with a history. This fashion reel from the 60s displays an ad for the pantsuits and reflects changing times. Music, movies, art�in the 60s much of it intended to liberate people from the past, and some of it was intended to liberate women. And in that, Laurent played a role. In 1966, he unveiled �The Smoking,� a tuxedo suit for women. It’s a style that’s never gone out of fashion. Laurent said he wanted to serve women’s bodies and their attitudes and lives. the sociologist says the pantsuits is virile but not masculine.

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