Wild boars frighten French city

The World

We’re in the leafy yard of an apartment complex, across the road from a huge forest, once of royal hunting domain. Just about every night, this patch of grass gets visits from some four-legged guests to the dismay of this woman. She says it’s really alarming and the boars come all the way to the entrance of the building and everyone is afraid. Wild boars aren’t generally aggressive but they can charge if they feel threatened. This woman’s dog was gored and required several stitches. The boars themselves can look threatening and males can be 400 pounds. This assistant police chief says the situation is getting out of hand so we have to find a way to push them back to their natural habitat. Wild boars prefer to dine on acorns, chestnuts and beechnuts but it’s been a lean year in the forest so the animals have come into the city looking for food. So the rangers are trying something new: they’re shooting corn through a machine into the forest. Still some boars have persisted in coming into the city, so officials have brought together a nightly hunting group to shoot the renegades. This hunter says the boars don’t go to waste.

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