Who rules Guinea now?

The World

Shortly after the death of Guinean president, people woke up to a new voice on the radio. The leader of the attempted military coup was heard reading a list of names that the military leader says will now head the country and he would be Guinea’s president. History may be repeating itself because that’s how the former president took power, during a coup in 1984. Guinea rarely gets mentioned in the media because by West African standards it’s been relatively stable. Still despite the stability, Guineans are among the poorest in the world. Under the former president’s rule, the country never saw its mineral wealth trickle down and Guinea’s government is one of the world’s most corrupt. Therefore many Guineans are happy there’s a new government. But there’s also apprehension about who will now rule the government. Some in Guinea are welcoming the new military government, even though the African Union is against it. but forming a competent government will be a challenge for whoever eventually takes charge. This Guinean expert says Guinea is steeped in a tradition of corruption and nepotism. For years Guineans have tolerated this system because it was preferred to the civil wars that gripped the region. But it’s not expected that will be the case any more and some are worried that Guinea’s instability could spread to the whole region. Guinea also has a third of the world’s resources for aluminum.

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