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People chant slogans during a protest in Khartoum, Sudan, Saturday, Oct. 30, 2021.

‘Millions March’ protests planned across Sudan as military doubles down on power grab


Attempts to mediate between the military and civilian leaders have been unsuccessful so far. 

Three Ethiopian travelers sit inside a blue bus with white-bordered windows, saying goodbye to someone whose arms rest on the window frame.

Tensions mount at Sudan-Ethiopia border as refugees flee Tigray conflict 

Adele Willie, Lavenia Yalovi and Jennesa Hinge Moli are female sports commentators from the Pacific Islands.

‘Commentary for Good’ brings underrepresented languages to the Women’s World Cup

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Japan’s Military Priorities Now Focus on China

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North Korea bombs South Korean island

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Tensions reach boiling point on Korean peninsula

North Korea has threatened to wage a ‘full-scale war’ against South Korea after the country accused its northern neighbor of sinking a warship on March 26. We talk with Charles Armstrong, director of the Center for Korean Research at Columbia University.

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Takeouts: tension on the Korean peninsula, listeners on the first synthetic living cell

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North Korea/South Korea: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the situation between the North and South “precarious” and has expressed support for measures to punish North Korea for its attack on a South Korean warship. BBC correspondent, John Sudworth reports from Seoul. Listeners Respond: We brought you a story Friday about how a team of […]

Central African Republic

UN peacekeepers are heading into the Central African Republic

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The UN will send a force of French and African troops to try to prevent the deepening violence in the Central African Republic. They will be heading into utter chaos.

Members of the United Nations Security Council vote unanimously to approve a resolution on Syria's chemical arsenal on September 27, 2013.

Thanks, but no thanks, says Saudi Arabia to the UN Security Council

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has wanted a seat on the United Nations Security Council for years, and they were awarded one this week. But instead of celebrating, it only took a few hours for the country to turn down the offer.

>Seni Felić took his seven-year-old son, Venice to Sarajevo, Bosnia for the first time this year. Felić says he wants Venice to learn more about his Bosnian roots. (Photo Courtesy of Seni Felić).

Bosnian Refugees Reflect on Syrian Civil War

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For Bosnian refugees who have found a home in the US, the debate over Syria is very familiar. So are the stories of refugees fleeing their homes. We hear from Bosnian refugees living in California about the crisis in Syria.