U.S. teen scores Italian basketball contract

The World

Jennings’s arrival in Rome received huge attention. He thrilled photographers when he held up the jersey of his new Italian club. The team won him over with a multi-million dollar, multi-year deal. Sonny Vacarro, an advisor to Jennings, said the point guard is a pioneer. Jennings is conquering new terrain in basketball by surpassing the NCAA. The Euroleague’s president doesn’t fear an American invasion of the game and he says he believes this growth in the league is important. The NCAA may lose big due to these developments. The European teams can also make a bundle: Jennings’s contract includes a buy-out clause meaning that an NBA team would have to pay his Italian club for him to enter the NBA. It’s no guarantee that Jennings will do well here because the level of play far exceeds that of NCAA colleges. But this sportswriter says if Jennings and other succeed, it could change the game and make the game of basketball a lot more unified. Jennings and his family are moving to Italy. Jennings adds that college is not for everyone, and he’s excited to learn a new culture and language.

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