Uneasy truce in Lebanon

The World

This is the sound of a video that allegedly shows members of the Lebanese government kicking and beating some opposition militiamen. Both sides have lobbed accusations of brutality and murder. The battles often pitted village against village. On Sunday, this man says Shia Muslim Hezbollah fighters attacked his village with a barrage of weapons, a Druids pro-government village. He says Hezbollah is trying to bully the rest of Lebanon. The Shiites and Druids have lived next to each other for hundreds of years but he says now things will never be the same. He doesn’t know if relations will be cordial now. the same anger is evident near downtown Beirut. In this neighborhood, a mixed area, there was intense fighting between government fighters and opposition gunmen. The opposition won and now the neighborhood seems hunkered down. Almost all shops in the area shut down at sunset. This shop owner says no one can control Beirut and he says the danger of revenge is strong, and lingering anger is evident. This Human Rights Watch official is investigating several cases of human rights abuses and says the government needs to step in, and if not people will resort to their narrow sectarian divisions. In the meantime, rumors of massacres continue to circulate.

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