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What happens when people track their own habits? We look at a slew of apps that let you do that ? from “checking in” to locations (FourSquare) to analyzing your sleep patterns (Sleep Cycle). But people have been doing this with pen and paper long before the iPhone (not to mention Weight Watchers).

And we want to know: Do you analyze your own habits? If so, how has it helped you?

We’re joined by Gary Wolf, Wired Magazine contributing editor, who has a cover story in this week’s New York Times Magazine on tracking your personal habits, called “The Data-Driven Life.” And Kevin Purdy is a senior contributing editor at tech-savvy blog Lifehacker, and a data-tracking enthusiast.

Emily on Facebook
“ has been a godsend helping me keep track of spending and finances, credit card bills due, etc.”

Raymond on Facebook:
“Run Keeper is pretty useful. big oven can be pretty useful too.”

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