Terrorist in 1998 US embassy bombings still at large

The World

The 1998 embassy bombings happened almost simultaneously, and the truck bombs killed more than 250 people and wounded over a thousand. The scene afterwards was one of horrific destruction. At the time US intelligence agencies knew Osama Bin Laden had called for attacks against Americans and that there was an active Al Qaeda cell in Nairobi. Then the US Ambassador to Kenya says the warning signs were there. in a recent BBC interview, this Kenyan intelligence officer says his agency had informed US officials of the possibility of a terrorist attack but they didn’t take the information seriously. Nowadays that’s not the case and that’s partly from lessons learned by the embassy bombings. New US embassies now have extensive protections against car bombs. Over the years American facilities have been retrofitted with a variety of security concerns, but the Al Qaeda operatives responsible for the embassy bombings are thought to still be at large. This former counterterrorism official talks about one of those operatives and says he should be on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. That man is thought to be the leader of an Al Qaeda cell in Somalia and he supposedly recently crossed into Kenya to get medical treatment. Kenyan authorities suspect he was behind a car bombing in 2002 at an Israeli hotel. The counterterrorism official says all of this info still makes his capture quite difficult, and the population is sympathetic to him in Pakistan or Somalia. Kenyan authorities have stepped up police patrols on their coast where it’s said this operative narrowly escaped capture a few days ago.

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