Takeouts: ‘The Value,’ Yanks win, housing

The World

Sports Takeout: The New York Yankees have won the 2009 World Series; Our sports contributor, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, talks highlights and the number of Mets fans he saw rooting for the guys in pinstripes.
Business Takeout: The Federal Housing Administration was all set to report on their own financial health, presumably to allay fears that the agency will be the next to need a bailout. But then they abruptly cancelled the report, the press conference and interviews. Louise Story, finance reporter for our partners The New York Times, explains what this means and why we care.
The Value: We hear another installment of “The Value,” as Farai Chideya looks at what we value most in a bleak economy. In today’s segment she interviews Jared Vazales, who chose a career in community gardens. (click through for video)

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