Space station turns 10

The World

First some facts: in its decade of service, astronauts representing 15 countries have visited the ISS, the largest manmade structure ever put into orbit. The costs of operation are running at $100 billion and it’s not finished yet. This analyst says it hasn’t made any huge scientific discoveries who is actually a big supporter of the ISS because it’s just a marvelous thing that’s been achieved by humankind. This NASA spokesman says the ISS is a stepping stone because it’s taught us how to live in orbit. He says the ISS has also taught NASA that those future missions won’t happen without international cooperation. But is a manned mission like that even worth that? The President of the Royal Society in England doesn’t think so. But NASA doesn’t want to limit itself to unmanned operations and the ISS has provided a lot of answers in how humans can survive in space, both physically and mentally. The virtual space station is an interactive virtual computer program that uses the ISS as a model. The idea is that astronauts will one day be able to use the software to help them with mental health issues while in space�another way that the ISS might help prepare humans for deep space exploration.

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