South Africa’s ruling party splits

The World

This group at this party is part of South Africa’s rising elite. This man in the group is not happy with the blind loyalty to the African National Congress, the party that delivered the nation out of apartheid. This man says he owes nothing to the ANC. This generation may be at the heart of the new political struggle in South Africa. Older generations revere the ANC and voting against it would be almost unthinkable. But the young people say the ANC as purely a political party. Topic #1 for the ANC right now is how to face the threat posed by a new party. The ANC is now suing the new party. This is part of an increasingly bitter battle for public support, and both sides are denouncing each other in harsh and sometimes violent terms that have worried some observers. The leader of the new party is insisting that this is good for South Africa’s democracy. It seems there’s not much chance the new party will make a dent on the ANC’s monopoly on power by the time elections are held next year, in spite of lingering corruption charges against ANC leader Jacob Zuma. But for young voters, this is about the long haul. Politics here is still very much about history and identity for so many, and it’ll take a while for a new generation of voters to change that.

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