Should a parent be allowed to return an adopted child?

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A Tennessee woman who returned her adopted child to Russia is causing a diplomatic crisis. We talk about how it feels to be rejected as an adopted child with Orlando Modeno, a man who lived through the experience when he was only a boy. We also talk with Lisa Belkin, Motherlode blogger for our partner the New York Times.

We started the conversation early on this, and want to know what you think: Should a parent be allowed to return a child?

Here are some comments we got on our Facebook page:


“Kids aren’t commodities. You can’t just take one back because s/he doesn’t match your handbag or lifestyle.”


“No, children are not commodities, and [as a mother] the concept of ‘returning a child’ horrifies me. However, there are numerous cases, particularly in Russia but also in the States, where children have been given in adoption where their health has not been fully disclosed. The main issue being attachment disorder. I know two adoptive families who have adopted children w/ attachment disorder and it has come close to destroying their families. And these were amazingly loving, wonderful, admirable, parents. And it broke their hearts that they could not be that to these children.”

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