Overcoming the My Lai massacre

The World

This woman is one of the few survivors of the massacre and she’ll be at the ceremony on Sunday to honor the memories of her family. She was only 8 years old when American soldiers arrived at her home, killed her mother, father, two sisters and a brother. She was shot in the leg. Then she says she pretended to be dead. She saw everyone in her family was killed and her house was burning. Then I crawled to the corner of a street and saw another body. When asked if she could ever forgive the soldiers who killed her family, she says no, I could not tolerate them. This elementary school was built in 2001 from funds gathered by Quakers in Madison, Wisconsin. The school’s vice president says it’s a place where the people of My Lai can look to the future. The school is one of three built by the Quaker project in Madison. This leader of that Quaker movement says the Quakers are trying to help rebuild the country as a way of atoning for the US’s actions during the Vietnam War. The project’s Vietnamese coordinator is this English professor at a Hanoi college. He was worried that these Americans would just come and go, as others had in the past, but he came to trust the Quakers because they’re leaving plenty in My Lai. They’re also providing microloans to local people.

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