Olympic torch on Mt Everest

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There are various risky up the north side of Tibet but the Chinese team carrying the torch is taking an old, established one: this route was first used by the British climbing expeditions in the 1920s and 30s in their various attempts to reach the summit. This climber has climbed it twice and he says any other route would be problematic and the Chinese are very familiar with it. the Chinese expedition arrived at base camp in late March but the Chinese have offered little detail ever since, like where exactly the Olympic torch is. We do know a group of Tibetan experts have prepared the route. That step by step approach is necessary says the climber. For some of the team, acclimatizing cameras is also very difficult. Today’s broadcast from Chinese state TV is one of many planned for the expedition, and 80+ staffers are at base camp to conduct the coverage. This climber says the Chinese have plenty of experience taping coverage from Everest and the north side of the mountain is the best method for taping coverage. Today Chinese state TV reported that the climb team was at High Camp. This climber says the next 4,000 feet are the toughest part of the climb. The climate and high altitude is the next most difficult part of being on the summit. This climber says at 29,000 feet every move is difficult so his heart goes out to the cameramen.

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