Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East

The World

The report basically says it’s not just the US and Israel who are worried about a nuclear Iran and at least 13 Middle East countries are actively seeking nuclear technology. There’s little question that politics play a big role. One author of the report says Iran’s continued intransigence is raising concerns from Sunni states. He says fear of a nuclear Iran could create a regional arms race�states like Saudi Arabia and Turkey don’t want to lose status or influence in the region. This researcher says he has no doubts about the IAEA’s ability to ensure peaceful purposes for nuclear programs. But critics of the IAEA wonder if it can monitor countries effectively, including this analyst. He and his colleagues have been warning for years about Iran’s proliferation, and part of his concern is about proliferation and politics, but some of the concern is also safety. But he admits every country has a right to nuclear power but doesn’t know how that right can be balanced with regional safety.

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