Missing asylum seekers

The World

Like the US, Canada prides itself on being an open country and a country of multi-culturalism, and like the US the immigration system is a bit of a mess. The government is working to clear a backlog of immigrants who are waiting to get into Canada, the number is close to 900,000. The conservative government came into power two years ago on the promise to clean up the immigration system. The government’s top watchdog agency reported that the immigration services simply can’t find 41,000 failed asylum seekers. All these people were ordered deported and most of them probably stayed. This woman is one of them and for years she says she’s been living in an underground society. She has no intention of complying with her deportation orders and she says the government only wants highly educated immigrant workers. Canada’s auditor general says most of those people are like that woman, not criminals but people who are defying their deportation orders. But some in Canada worry that high risk cases could also slip through. Canada has worked to improve its borders and immigration system. These new revelations have authorities scrambling to show Canadians and Americans that immigration is a top priority.

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