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Michael Vick is out of jail but, he’s also out of work. At least for the time being. After filing for bankruptcy and spending the last two years in prison for operating an unlawful interstate dog fighting ring, the question for future employers is: Has he repaid his debts to society? Takeaway sports correspondent Ibrahim Abdul-Matin tells us about the embattled QB’s future prospects.

Ibrahim also discusses the comic strip “Tank McNamara” that caused a controversy when the Washington Post pulled it for a week. In the controversial strip (click here to see), the title character asks former Vice President Dick Cheney for advice on what to do about Michael Vick and the Vice President says, “Kill him.” The comic’s writer, Jeff Millar spoke to us yesterday to say that he wasn’t even talking about Vick:

?Some people have interpreted that as, this is a white man saying ?kill Michael Vick,’ a specific black person. But, this is about a ready solution that people who misuse power keep always at hand to satisfy difficult situations especially when they believe they own the law. Mr. Cheney seems destined, three or four years down the road. He might be on trial himself.?

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