McCain foreign policy

The World

President Bush endorsed McCain as the kind of Commander and Chief who can keep the U.S. safe. At times Senator McCain has argued against military intervention abroad, but more often he’s taken a hawkish approach to U.S. national security. Most recently he’s been hawkish on Iran. This analyst says McCain’s experiences in Vietnam means he understands the horrors of war, but the label of reluctant warrior doesn’t quite fit. He has said the only thing worse than going to war with Iran is Iran possessing a nuclear weapon. That kind of language is reassuring to the neo-conservative hawks in Washington. This editor says McCain has been powerfully influenced by the neo-cons. McCain’s foreign policy advisors though would dispute that. They make the point that McCain is the kind of foreign policy thinker who’s smart enough to listen to a wide array of views. This top foreign policy advisor to McCain says that McCain does look at divergent views and is reminiscent of Reagan.

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