Majority of Public Deems Afghanistan War ‘Not Worth Fighting’

The World

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that 60 percent of Americans say the Afghanistan war is “not worth fighting.” This is a record low in public support of the war. Mary Galeti, the wife of Afghanistan veteran First Lieutenant Russell Galeti, and Gideon Rose, editor of Foreign Affairs and author of “How Wars End: Why We Always Fight the Last Battle,” describe their observations of public opinion, and what it might mean for the Obama administration’s efforts in Afghanistan going forward.

We asked how your support for the War in Afghanistan has changed since it started nine years ago. Here are some of the responses we got by text message.

I never supported the war. What is the mission? Bin laden has not been found. We should send our troops home now.

Nothing has changed … How many times must a poor country be bombed senseless and then left broken and alone?
?Ruth in Tacoma, Wa.

Support? Uh, what is it we’re supporting again?
?Pontiac, Mich.

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