Lebanon finally gets a new president

The World

It’s a rare day when media commentators from all factions in Lebanon agree on one thing, but all spoke of Suleiman’s assent to office as a new day for the country. that was the message of his speech to parliament as well. Suleiman’s election brought relief to ordinary Lebanese as well. Hundreds of people partied in Suleiman’s home town. It was refreshing that this sound signaled joy rather than violence. Suleiman first joined the Lebanese Armed Forces in 1967 and was appointed the commander 30 years later. This resident watched Suleiman grow up and says he comes from a good family and he can’t be corrupted. Suleiman has kept out of the sectarian fray and was a political nobody until last year when a battle broke out between the Lebanese Army and a Palestinian refugee militant group near Tripoli. The Army defeated the Islamists and Suleiman was hailed for the victory. He now faces a daunting task with reconciliation and unity in the parliament. This Druids politician says there’s no way to know if the majority Shiite political groups will block political decisions. Compromise is still hard to achieve when each political faction is more worried about its own interests than the future of the country.

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