Kirchner popularity plummets

The World

This is a kind of anti-government street protest in Buenos Aires and the last time these protests were common was during the 1991 economic collapse. Under current president Kirchner, the protests have made a comeback. It wasn’t supposed to come to this when Cristina succeeded her husband as president. She came into office with a strong approval rating and a growing economy and a reputation as a solid diplomat. But it was her reaction to farmers striking over high import taxes that brought out the protests. She then said she would not give into the farmer’s extortion, which made the farmers even more upset. Soon Buenos Aires began experiencing food shortages and price hikes. Then Kirchner suggested sexism was fueling the farmers’ protests. With much of the middle class calling for negotiations with the farmers, Kirchner’s decision to mock farmers provided further alienation. According to this pollster, it’s neither her style nor the farm strike which has caused her problems, it’s that she lost the support of the middle class.

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