John McCain’s prison warden in Vietnam

The World

This 75 year old man feeds the caged birds he keeps in his garden, and he enjoys his retirement while keeping an eye on McCain’s presidential candidacy. During the Vietnamese War, McCain was dragged out of his crashed plane where a crowd beat him up and then took him to the Hoa Lo prison, known as the Hanoi Hilton. (What was McCain like and what were your experiences with him?) The former prison guard: sometimes we’d talk about the war. McCain was a very frank man, very conservative and loyal to the American ideal. He taught me to speak some English. (McCain says he was badly tortured when he was in prison under your charge. Do you acknowledge that?) We never tortured prisoners. (So did McCain lie?) Yes, he is lying in order to win support for his presidential campaign.

That account is contradicted by many accounts from other American POWs. In Vietnam today, McCain is remembered for more than his time there as a prisoner. The way he helped broker peace there is more remembered now.

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