Iran celebrates Persian New Year

The World

As the Persian New Year comes to an end, fireworks rattle buildings around the city. Just before the holiday, it’s one big block party. In ancient Iran, they used to know fire as their god. It’s a sensitive subject because Iran has a rich culture and a history full of invasion. Arab invaders brought Islam, but the New Year celebration began a thousand years before Islam. None of the Arab invaders have been able to stamp out Persian culture says this woman. The latest try at stamping out the holiday was the Islamic Revolution in 1979, when the government first banned celebration. But still the celebrations still continues, so the government now cordons off areas where celebrations can occur. As the night continues, the block parties converge and shut down traffic in areas, and there’s an atmosphere of defiance as well. Music is blaring from cars but it can only last so long. Riot police a little bit before midnight shut down the party.

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