How much control does the Taliban have?

The World

Violence in Afghanistan has spiked in the past two years. Now a new report concludes that the Taliban effectively control the political and military dynamic of the entire country, even near Kabul. This analyst says NATO and the U.S. are in genuine danger of losing the country. She says what we’ve seen indicates that the Taliban’s strategy for dealing with the country is more effective than that of the U.S. and NATO. There’s clearly an increase of Taliban activity, says the NATO spokesman, but he thinks this report itself is deeply flawed and that its methodology doesn’t stand up. The British Ambassador in Afghanistan agrees but also says the report offers some interesting suggestions. But many in the region say the West’s campaign in Afghanistan makes no sense. This Pakistani opposition lawmaker says the only solution is for the U.S. and its allies to get out as soon as negotiations will allow. Today Afghanistan’s President again called on Taliban’s leader to accept Afghanistan’s constitution and accept peace talks, an offer which has been denied repeatedly.

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