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On the eve of Super-Tuesday, it’s anybody’s guess who the next first lady– or first man for that matter– will be.

But the French don’t have to wonder about THEIR first lady anymore.

This week-end came the official announcement that President Nicolas Sarkozy married his new girlfriend Carla Bruni.

The two tied the knot at the presidential palace in Paris.

That’s four months after Sarkozy’s much publicized divorce.

The president’s bride is a former supermodel turned chanteuse.

This song is from Bruni’s first album “Quelqu’un m’a dit” or “Someone told me”.

The song says “love is not for me, it’s not worth anything”…. That might not come as a surprise for a woman who has said that monogamy is “boring” and described herself as a “man tamer.”

Bruni has reportedly tamed the likes of Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Donald Trump to name a few.

Her first album was a hit.

Her second, sung in English, tanked.

Time will tell how Bruni handles her role as France’s first lady.

But no matter what, she’s keeping her day job.

Her agent says she’s finishing up a third album to be released in the fall.

The question now is: should the first lady tour?

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