Getting out the Latino vote in Florida

The World

Florida Latinos make up 12% of registered voters, but less than one third of registered Latino voters went to the polls in the last presidential election. But this time the Hispanic vote numbers have increased 22% from just two years ago. The vast majority of new voters became Democrats. This group is reaching out to Latino voters under 35 by using celebrity spokespersons, local radio DJs and online videos. This video is a wedding scene poking fun at Spanish tele-novelas. At Latino Leadership, a group of volunteers is going door to door to remind people to vote. This man came down from Washington to help get them organized. Ten workers ride in a van when going door to door. This volunteer came to the U.S. about two years ago and he himself can’t vote because he’s not a citizen, but he’s eager to participate in the voting process. We spend about four hours knocking on doors and he hands out facts about voting. Most of the people are polite but some are angry. Getting one angry woman to soften, by emphasizing that he’s not partisan, is considered a major victory for the volunteer. But the bottom line is Latino voters in Central Florida are unpredictable, and that has both Democrats and Republicans working over time here.

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