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Our Geo Quiz today takes us to a city in Germany that danced to a different drummer this past weekend.

Love ParadeLove Parade

The city was the site of this year’s techno music festival known as the Love Parade. It’s in the Western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

It’s a center for hi-tech industry. It also hosts a major chess tournament every summer. So what’s the name of the city?

We’ll have the answer in just a few beats…

The site of Germany’s Love Parade this past weekend was Dortmund. At least 30 floats from 15 countries moved through the streets of Dortmund Saturday.

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They were blasting electronic music. The techno music parade attracted a record 1.6 million people.

250 DJ’s took part. The original Love Parade took place in Berlin in 1989.

It was a peace demonstration. But as the Love Parade grew in size, city officials grew disenchanted with the logistics. Last year, the Love Parade was held in Essen.

And this year, it came to Dortmund, the answer to today’s Geo Quiz.

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