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For today’s Geo Quiz — try to pinpoint where these waves are rolling in.

They were recorded by sound artist Cedric Peyronnet near a stretch of beach called La Grande Côte :

Peyronnet: “I am standing in front of the Atlantic Ocean, foots in sand, and I listen closely to the endless rhythm of the waves”

Ok before you get hypnotised by the waves and the sound of his voice, here’s another of Peyronnet’s he calls “breathing stones”:

Peyronnet: “We can hear our breathing stones — there are many caves and holes in rocks and what sounds like someone’s breathing is in fact the air pressure or tides entering the caves”

Again these are Atlantic waters…..and they’re washing up on coastal region known for fishing villages, sandy dunes, and a few nude beaches.

So let’s get straight to the answer: If you guessed the western coast of France you’d get partial credit.

Now zoom in on France’s Atlantic Coast … and you can’t miss the west central region or departement known as the Vendee.

Vendee windmillVendee windmill

Listen to the Vendee waves:

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