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For today’s Geo Quiz we’re in search of happiness.

The path to happiness or enlightenment is not always easy to find. Try finding “happy” on the map. Actually that’s the easy part.

“Happy Post Office. This is Cathy can I help you?”

The question for you is, where is Cathy? She is in a town with 647 residents and a happy nickname.

“The town without a frown. The cemetery is even called the Happy Cemetery, (laughs). We had a little bit of rain shower last night but we’re desperate for rain, right now it’s a little cloudy and about 80 degrees.”

This place was a stop for stagecoaches back in the 1880’s. Legend has it there was plenty of water here for thirsty cattle. That made cowboys happy.

We’ll be more than pleased if you tell us where this place is.

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