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Today’s Geo Quiz is colossal. Colossal, meaning gigantic, might well describe The Colossus of Rhodes.

It was a giant statue of the Greek sun god and was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. But we’re looking for a famous painting called ?The Colossus?. It shows a menacing giant striding across a landscape as people flee in panic.

“The Colossus””The Colossus”

Sort of a 19th century version of King Kong, but symbolizing the horror of war. So were looking for the name of the museum where this painting hangs. It’s one of the gallery’s most famous paintings…attributed to the Spanish master, Francisco Goya.

But now the museum’s experts say it may in fact be the work of someone else. The initials “AJ” painted on the canvas tipped them off…they’ve not Goya’s.

So the painting’s authorship is in question. But our question remains the same.

Name the museum in Spain that’s home to the Colossus?

Our Geo Quiz answer — We asked you to name the museum in Spain that’s home to the painting called “The Colossus.”

The Prado: photo credit Prado: photo credit

The answer is the Prado in Madrid.

It’s home to masterpieces by Vel-zquez, Goya, and El Greco.

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