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Today’s Geo Quiz takes us to Southern Africa. To identify this African country, we’re going to give you the names of a couple of rivers.

The first one is the Zambezi River. It forms this country’s southern border with Zimbabwe. Your second clue is the Luangwa River.

It’s a major tributary of the Zambezi.

It also floods regularly, making this part of the country an ideal habitat for hippos.

We promise to name this country before too long… or I’m a HIPPO-crite.

OK, at least the hippo’s laughing.

That’s a hippo. And when it comes to getting up close and personal with hippos, Brady Barr is the expert.

Barr is a herpetologist — and host of the National Geographic Channel’s show “Dangerous Encounters.”

His latest episode is called “Undercover Hippo.”And it involves Barr getting VERY close to the largest population of wild hippos on earth.

That took the National Geographic team to the Luangwa River.

It’s in the country we asked you to name for today’s Geo Quiz.

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