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The world’s biggest Ferris wheel…spins around today’s Geo Quiz.

Biggest Ferris WheelBiggest Ferris Wheel

We’re looking for an Asian city at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It hosted a opening ceremony this week for its giant observation wheel…with fanfare and fireworks.

The wheel rises up 42 stories. If you’re perched at the top, you’re up 540 feet in the air. The wheel’s general manager boasts about the birds-eye view:

?On a clear day you can see Indonesia, you can see Malaysia, the Straits of Malacca, the busiest shipping lanes in the world, we’ve got one of the busiest ports in the world, you’ve got a formula one track being constructed around you, so there’s whole lot of things going on maybe I’m bias but I think ours is the best.?

So name this South East Asian city that’s got a new wheel…

We’ll circle back with the answer in a few minutes.

If you haven’t figured out today’s Geo Quiz yet…here’s a musical clue to help you out.

“Come fly with me let’s fly let’s fly away Singapore Flyer new at Marina Bay ….”

There it is – The Singapore Flyer!

Singapore, the answer to our quiz, is now home to the tallest observation wheel in the world. The giant spoked wheel cost about 240-million dollars to build.

Tickets cost about 22 dollars. The price includes a ride to the top and the trip back down.

The Singapore Flyer stands taller than the London Eye and the Star of Nanchang.

But China is planning an observation wheel for Beijing that will soar nearly twice as high as the Flyer.

But Berlin and Beijing are planning their own observation wheels that may one day soar twice as high as the Flyer.

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