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The power of the tides figures in today’s Geo Quiz. First, find Northern Ireland on a map.

OK, now zoom into the spot where Strangford Lough connects to the sea.

Strangford Lough: photo credit Lough: photo credit

Which sea is it?

That’s the question for today’s quiz.

Strangford Lough is an inlet that’s mostly enclosed by the Ards Peninsula.

When the tides change — seawater rushes in and out of the Lough through a half-mile opening called “the narrows.”

An energy technology company hopes to use turbines to capitalize on that tidal action.

?Most people have seen wind turbines and they’ll be aware that they face the wind and garner the kinetic energy of the wind, we’ve got a fast flowing tide and a big turbine, or 2 big turbines turning in that tide.?

We’ll hear more about those turbines.

First you’ve got to name the sea that rushes in and out of Northern Ireland’s Strangford Lough.

The answer’s here…

The fast-flowing narrows of Strangford Lough set today’s Geo Quiz in motion.

This is where the tidal waters of the Irish Sea flow in and out of the Lough, so the Irish Sea is the answer we were looking for.

photo credit: credit:

Martin Wright is a managing director of Marine Current Turbines.

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